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The best optics digital camera list is limited to cameras capable of taking snaps at atleast 3 frames per second.

The digital camera's optics system forms it's core which defines it's ability to capture super-quality images. This list profiles some of the best digital cameras which score high on the optics quality parameters. They cover the amateur category ranging from premium point and shoot, mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras and the entry level consumer dSLR's.

All the major players are supported by the top-notch lens optical quality whether it is Canon or Nikon who manufacture their own lenses or in other cases Leica lenses used by Panasonic, Schneider lenses used by Olympus and Zeiss lenses used by Sony. Also check the type of lens used before buying, because the best lenses are used only in the premium models.

The best optics cameras in the market today provide some of the most powerful optical zooms. If you are going for a superzoom category camera, optical zooms in the range of 10x-12x perform much better in terms of image quality than those with higher optical zoom. The best cameras for optics generally come with some in-built image stabilization like the for eg. the IS system of Canon. You would generally want to go for a camera with a lower f-ratio. The lower the f-ratio, the more light can be captured for eg f/2.8 is more powerful than an f/8.

Another key factor to consider is the presence of the optical viewfinder. Most cameras have the optical viewfinder in addition to the LCD screen which is useful to conserve the battery and also for sunny outdoors environments.

Buying tips to find the Best Optics Digital Camera of 2014

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