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Panasonic offers wide range of compact system or interchangeable lens cameras under the Lumix G and Lumix GH (high-end) product line. The best Panasonic compact system cameras are known to be compact and light-weight which the company suggests to be a perfect replacement for the traditional DSLRs. Among our listing of best compact system cameras, the Panasonic digital cameras score pretty well. As a replacement to the DSLR cameras, the compact system cameras from Panasonic implement electronic (live) view finders instead of optical viewfinder which actually account for the compactness of the camera.

The best Panasonic compact system cameras offer image and video quality comparable with the DSLRs. Along with the imaging quality, these cameras offer durability, portability, versatile interchangeability of lens, and the promise of high responsiveness. Some of the top-end Lumix G line of products support Wi-Fi connectivity feature for easier sharing of your photos. Most mirrorless cameras from Panasonic have the effective video capture capability and they are actually video-optimized models.

All the compact system cameras from Panasonic use the lens manufactured by itself. Panasonic uses the customized micro four thirds (MFT) system sensors supporting smaller and lighter design of cameras and lenses allow discretion and portability with the help of MFT sensors.

The best Panasonic compact system cameras offer resolution of over 14 Megapixel, have LCD screens of over 3 inch, HD video recording capability and can be purchased under $1000 price range.

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