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Panasonic is a consumer electronics giant who is a relatively late entrant to the digital camera market with the launch of the Lumix brand in 2001, sporting Leica branded lenses. Nevertheless the brand has grown from strength to strength, mainly in the point and shoot and bridge camera category. The best Panasonic Digital cameras are renowned for the performance of their zoom lenses.

Panasonic pretty much pioneered the 'superzoom' category of compact cameras with their slim bodies but powerful lenses especially with the FZ series. The best Panasonic digital cameras in the superzoom bridge category also offer full manual control geared towards the serious photo enthusiast market.
Their TZ series of compact cameras are equipped with wide-angle lenses for landscape photography and indoor photography and are slim and lightweight, thus popularizing the travel zoom concept. Many models are also GPS-enabled for geo-tagging of photos.

Panasonic does not have much of a presence in the dSLR segment but of late they have entered the mirrorless camera market with their micro four-third system of cameras - a joint venture with Olympus. The Panasonic G-series of micro-four thirds cameras is acclaimed by experts in the mirrorless camera market. The G-series models are also capable of HD video capture.

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