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Panasonic is a Japanese electronics multinational, specializing in consumer as well as professional equipment. Panasonic's DVD Home Theatres excel both in their simplicity of installation as well as ease of operation and use cutting edge technology like ARC, Active Chroma Processing and more.

The Audio Return Channel (ARC) feature enables the reception and transfer of audio as well as video signals through one HDMI and obviates the need for an extra cable, by sending the audio signal back from the TV to the speakers through the very same HDMI that's being used by your video signals.

The best Panasonic Home Theatres are also built with a function to upconvert SD images of 720X576p to a 1080p HD image. Additionally, Active Chroma Processing technology is capable of processing each pixel of the Blu-ray disc with much more accuracy to secure the clearest possible high resolution output for your videos.

Panasonic home theatres are also capable of converting 2D images to 3D, bringing about a complete cinematic picture. The best Panasonic home theatres complement this by a six speaker audio with Dolby Pro Logic surround sound, excellent bass, and the Selectable speaker Layouts.

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