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Panasonic manufacture high definition televisions under the brand name Viera with the much touted 1080p resolution and classy designs.

Panasonic LED TVs are manufactured with screen sizes ranging from 19" to around 55" and implement In Plane Switching (IPS) technology that enhances wide angle viewing. Added to this, these televisions also have a great backlight scanning speed which means the HDTV is ready to handle action packed scenes without encountering any motion lag; and the higher this value the better the clarity you get while watching fast paced scenes. Panasonic LED TVs boast up to 1920 backlight scanning for sharper crisper and more vibrant picture quality.

Panasonic's higher end LED TV models also fall among the top rated 3D TVs and SmartTVs of the day, and come with Active 3D shutter glasses for Full HD 3D viewing, as well as the later passive 3D TVs with polarized glasses; and web browsers to blend television and internet surfing for a whole new entertainment experience. Our list of the best Panasonic LED TVs below, represents a methodical consensus based on the most reliable reviews from around the web.

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