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Panasonic Corporation is a Japanese multinational and is primarily focussed around electronic manufacturing. Panasonic is one of the Japans biggest consumer electronic brands and is consequently one of the worlds largest when it comes to flat panel tvs.

The recent success of Panasonic in the flat panel tv market can be primarily attributed to its hugely successful Plasma hdtv lineup. Plasma HDTV's from Panasonic offer the industry's best picture quality and until recently were unmatched even by the most expensive LED HDTVs.

However, the best flat panel tvs from Panasonic are also often the most expensive in the market today - with the best Plasma Panasonic hdtvs hovering around the $2000 mark. Panasonic also has a great line up throughout the 40 inch, 50 inch and 60 inch mark and offers some of the best hdtvs suited to movies and gaming.

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