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Ricoh Imaging is Japan-based corporation which specializes in digital camera manufacturing under the Pentax brand name. The SLR cameras from Pentax which focus on image quality and flexibility, have been in market since the 1950s. Unlike few of the DSLR brands, Pentax manufactures lenses for its own range of cameras. In general, the best Pentax digital SLR cameras are both easy to use and well designed - catering to the various kinds of photography enthusiasts.

Pentax has revamped its whole lineup of DSLR cameras by releasing feature and performance oriented models over the very recent years. These are some of the flagship, mid-level, entry-level DSLRs including the lifeproof models. It is of a great applicability that most Pentax DSLRs possess one or the other lifeproof features.

Flagship DSLRs:
Recently Pentax released a few flagship digital SLR cameras with the high-end features such as high resolution sensor, advanced autofocus system and, accurate shake reduction system along with the weather sealed, dust proof and coldproof rugged designs. With the ability to capture photos of 16.3 Megapixel using the CMOS sensors, the flagship cameras can also capture 1080p videos effectively with the help of built-in electronic viewfinders. Unlike the other line of Pentax DSLRs, these flagship cameras come in only one (black) color .

Mid-range DSLRs:
The latest mid-range DSLRs from Pentax come in various custom colors: black, white, mixed among the 120 customizable colors. These mid-range cameras with fast and advanced functionality with the specs of an advanced DSLR can be perfect for families and everyday photography with assistive wide selection of creative tools and filters for personalized effects. Along with the specification of 16 Megapixel image capture, the best Pentax digital SLR cameras under this segment support 6 frames per second continuous shooting and Full 1080p h.264 HD video recording.

Entry-level DSLRs:
To cater to the beginners, casual photographers and other enthusiasts, Pentax has an entry-level product offering at an affordable price range. These cameras implement APS-C sized CMOS sensors and support high sensitivity shooting up to ISO 51200 at 16 Megapixel resolution.

We have sorted out all of the available latest and best Pentax digital SLR cameras top-rated by expert camera reviewers all around the web.

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