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Headquartered in Amsterdam, Philips is a Dutch multinational company that hold their ground as one of the world's leading consumer electronics manufacturers. When it comes to home video entertainment Philips have brought out a complete collection of DVD players to suit your needs.

The HDMI 1080p upconversion feature the latest Philips DVD players escalades SD content to high definition video. However, that this isn't true HD like you get if the source itself is 1080p resolution, and DVD players are not accoutered to play such formats. So although your picture looks better than it's original quality, it won't compare with what you'd find on a Blu-Ray disc or in the cinema. The HDMI actually comes in handy for other reasons too. Philips DVD player are HDMI CEC enabled which means you can operate upto 5 other devices that use this protocol with just one remote

Philips also tender conveniences like a USB hub on the player via which you just plug in your USB and access any compatible files to view; â??Smart picture' in the recent models renders the most favorable picture settings including colour and contrast for the picture to as true to life as possible.

Although the above mentioned features are state of the art DVD conveniences, we would like to remind you that the age of DVD players is now over and the trend has been flowing in the direction of Blu-Ray players for quite a while already. Philips too has a classy collection of Blu-Ray players many of which are loaded with features for less than $100. However, if you're certain about needing a DVD player, we have here a list of the best Philips DVD players released recently.

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