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Amsterdam based Philips, is a Dutch MNC specializing in electronic equipment.

Philips’ Home Theatre systems implement the latest in sound technology such as 360Sound and Ambisound to provide the best Home Theatre experience.

The 360Sound technology that powers Philips speakers use side-firing drivers which give something like a three way audio effect dispersing the sound sideways as well as front-on. This coupled with the Ambisound technology impels the sound waves all around the room from a single source and delivers greater audio impact from fewer speakers. Philips combines this with good amplifiers to provide a sensational 9.1 channel system granting several sweet spots in just one room.

Furthermore the Philips very own MyRemote application identifies Philips Blu-ray players, Home Theatres or audio systems connected to your home Wi-Fi network and permit you to control them all with just one single remote, or even through your touch screens.

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