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With privacy being one of the important aspects for a person, Caller ID Phones are one way of protecting it. It was as recently as 1988 that Caller ID (caller identification) or Calling line identification (CLID) or calling line identification presentation (CLIP) was first incorporated into the phone service by telephone company BellSouth.

In general the best phones with caller ID functionality is used along with call waiting service to help you manage your phone conversations. Using the LCD display of the corded or cordless or expansion handsets, the number and/or name is displayed. You should buy from the most widely sold Caller ID phones that announce the number of the caller using the speakerphone feature. Although Caller ID was a paid service, many service providers now include this as part of the basic plan.

The advantages of having a Caller ID:
The basic idea behind using phones with Caller ID's is to enable the person receiving a phone call to check out the number and/or name of the individual who is calling. Depending on your inclination towards the caller, you can decide whether to answer it or ignore or divert it to answering machines.

If you are held up doing some other work and are just not able to talk at that moment, then identifying callers allows you to call back later. Suppose you are receiving unwanted calls, then using the Caller ID functionality, it is easier to identify the number when you are reporting to the phone company or authorities.

Do check out our listing of the best phones with Caller ID to have the power of deciding whom and when to call or answer in your hands.

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