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To evade any unwarranted and unknown calls from people, phones with the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) are of great help. The Caller ID feature makes use of the LCD display to identify the caller's number. You get to know beforehand who is calling by looking at the number which is displayed on either or both the main base phone and on the handset. Depending on your mood or the person calling, you can either take the call or reject it.

The LCD display has become a standard feature in all the telephones. Being lighter and easily incorporated into the design of the phones, they are used in all the cordless handsets and main base units.

You might want to see the calling persons name, number which is already stored in the phone directory or use the LCD display feature to access the numerous options/settings of the phone. We recommend that the best LCD display phones that you buy should have a wide screen with clear text display preferably with white or light coloured background for seeing in dim light. Usually these phones display 3 lines of text depending on the manufacturer.

The top rated phones with LCD have a time stamp with date shown along with other information such as call duration, battery status displayed on it. The LCD feature is also used to display the status of messages recorded by the answering machines. The easily available phones with big screen LCD Displays from Clarity are mostly used by the elderly or persons with low vision or hearing problems. It helps them to easily see and dial the number for calling a person. Some of these phones even have touch screens with online transcription of the conversation being shown on the LCD display.

The best LCD display phones which are rated among the top are shown below whose reviews are collected from around the world.

Buying tips to find the Best Phone with LCD Display of 2014

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