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LED TVs are the most popular television panel type today. Despite being called so, LED TVs are actually LCD TVs with an LED backlighting instead of the traditional CCFLs, and this is what makes them so much better in terms of picture quality.

When you're looking for an LED TV for the best picture, one of the important things to look for is local dimming. Local dimming is a mechanism which allows your TV to have separate control over different groups of LEDs. So if a particular scene requires high contrast and black levels, the necessary group of LEDs is shut off.

Another important point to remember is that LED TVs come in two kinds: Direct-lit LED TVs and Edge-lit LED TVs. Although more and more manufactures are now producing the Edge-lit kind for several convenience purposes, Direct-lit models deliver much greater picture detail, and here's why- In a direct lit LED TV the diodes are placed directly behind the LCD screen and this works great for local dimming. The Edge-lit models on the other hand have the LEDs placed all around the display frame and this doesn't handle local dimming very well. This is why we recommend Direct-lit TVs with local dimming to be the best LED TVs for picture quality.

Additionally, sports fans had better look out for higher refresh rates because a low value means a whole lot of motion blur during fast moving scenes. Typically a refresh rate of 120Hz is seen on most televisions, while most manufacturers have begun to use technology to speed it up to about 240 Hz in their slightly higher range TV models.

LED TVs are also great way to conserve power, so youâ??re certainly going to notice a big difference in electricity bills. Scroll down to have a look at our list below to check prices, specs and rankings of the top LED TVs today.

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