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When it comes to plasma TVs, Panasonic is as best as it gets. However, lets put aside the brand for a moment and have a look at the ups and downs of having the best Plasma TV, in comparison with LED and LCD TVs. Plasma TVs top the brightness factor with the brightest display; have the best contrast ratios and consequently more precise image details; and also the widest viewing angles, so you can expand your seating arrangement to your convenience. However, these boons are almost negated by their biggest minus- they've got highest power consumption.

This said, Panasonic is said to be an ace plasma TV manufacturer today with a wide spectrum of choices from features to sizes. The first thing to do is to determine whether you're going in for one of the best Panasonic 3D TVs or a 3D smart TV or just a swell Panasonic HDTV. Their plasma televisions come in Full HD resolutions of 720p as well as 1080p with widescreen displays. Alongside this, many of Panasonic's plasma sets go smart with their very own Viera Cast,a platform that makes it possible to download movies and material from the internet. Panasonic 3D TVs work on active 3D technology and come with active 3D shutter glasses in resolutions you're willing to pay for; while their 3D-Ready TVs require you to purchase the glasses at an extra cost.

Once you've picked the features you require, pick a screen size proportionate to the size of your TV room. Broadly speaking, it's best to sit as far as 2.5 times the screen size away from your TV for the best viewing experience.

One of the best things about having a Panasonic Viera Television is the ease with which you can operate all the Viera products with just the one remote. With this bunch of jargon in mind, have a look at our listing for the best Panasonic Plasma TV pages to pick your best fit.

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