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Plasma Flat panel tvs come in sizes of 42 inches and above, are the most expensive of the lot but also offer one of the best dark room performances.

Plasma HDTVs technology differs from LCD and LED HDTVs in that they don't require a back lighting on the display. The phosphors that make up the screen on the Plasma HDTVs themselves emit the light required for display.

Plasma TVs score over others if you're into fast-action movies and sports. This is due to the ultra high refresh rates that plasmas are blessed with. Very simply put, this refresh rate, measured in Hertz, is the number of frames per second that the TV display; and the more number of frames every second the smoother your action packed videos could be. As opposed to the typical 120Hz of LED TVs, plasma TVs have a whooping 600Hz refresh rate. However, on the downside, most plasma screens offer less brightness than LED TVs, and are not a great idea for brightly lit rooms.

The best Plasma HDTVs of 2013 are a great option compared to traditional LCD and LED HDTVs. Even though they are priced higher than LCD HDTVs their dark/bright image quality is far superior and rivals some of the most expensive LED HDTVs. Plasma gets a bad reputation for its much higher power consumption which can be almost twice or thrice that of comparable LED TVs. However, in sheer monetary terms this is a moot point as it translates to only an extra few dollars a year on your electricity bill. Consequently, even with the higher power consumption Plasma HDTVs still turn out a lot cheaper than comparable LED TVs.

The best plasma TVs of 2013 are some of the best plasma HDTVs manufactured by brands like Panasonic the top plasma TV manufacturer of the day. They have great options at the 40 inch, 50 inch and 60 inch screen sizes.

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