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Bluetooth is a luxury feature on a GPS and is only worth the extra amount you'll be shelling out, if you actually require it.

GPS Bluetooth units are great while driving, when you can't take your hands off the steering. Just link your GPS with your phone via BLuetooth and and you can have your conversations through your car GPS that's fixed on the dashboard. This is because the best car GPS devices today come with voice navigation features and incorporate a microphone and speakers which serve as the mouth and ear piece respectively.

On the other hand if you're going camping, trekking or hiking, you might end up wanting information you forgot to upload onto your GPS before you took off. With a Bluetooth GPS in hand what you can do is download all the data you require through your smartphone and then transfer it to your GPS via Bluetooth. However, this might be quite superfluous since most of the best smartphones turn out to be some of the best portable GPS devices themselves, so with a good smartphone in hand, you don't even need a separate GPS!

The one undeniable advantage of having a GPS with the Bluetooth feature however, is that it enables a most convenient manner of wireless data transfer obviating the need for cables, ports and the rest.

Our list of the best portable GPS units with bluetooth include some great handheld GPS pieces that are implement Bluetooth and are highly rated by expert GPS reviewers around the web.

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