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Handheld GPS have majority of all the features of a portable GPS. Most widely used for outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, walking, skiing etc they are lightweight in design. A lot of these portable handhelds have screen sizes between 2 to 3 inches with touchscreens or buttons for easy entry of the destinations. With most of the GPS being waterproof, having tough designs they are capable of rough handling.

Portable handheld GPS should have atleast 12 channels for better reception of the satellite signals and capable of 24 channels for high end models. This is to facilitate navigation in high altitudes, or between tall buildings/structures.

Extra Features:
Facing stiff competition from smartphones which have better GPS navigation features, most of the brands are improving their products by including extra features such as bluetooth, mp3 players, video players etc while supporting the regular features of a GPS. The common portable car GPS can also double as a handheld when you are walking or cycling etc.

In addition to the normal features of a GPS, some of the brands offer tracking features where in it keeps track of all the routes you have taken. Allowing you to backtrack to the starting point and optionally saving this information for future reference. Another feature is the waypoints which are specific geographic locations stored when the waypoint record button is pressed. Depending on the model the number of waypoints varies.

Keeping track of these points let us guide you in buying the best portable handheld GPS available right now based on the expert opinions of reviewers from all over the web.

Buying tips to find the Best Portable Handheld gps of 2014 - 2015

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