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The best price hard drives have external enclosure mostly with USB and FireWire interfaces. These cheap external hard drives can be used for backing up the digital content stored on internal hard drives of your system. Good portability and convenient data transfer is offered by low priced hard drives.


  • Low cost hard drives have capacities ranging from 120GB to 6TB. With an increase in storage capacity the price also increases. You can easily get 2TB capacity under $150 which is the storage required if you are planning to store large amount of data for professional use. If you are keen on cheaper rates then 500GB hard drives are also available but make sure that you do not store just anything and everything on them.
  • The performance of these low priced hard drives is directly affected by the spindle speed, data transfer speed and buffer size. Fast access to data can be achieved through spindle speed of at least 5400 RPM. Data transfer speed of up to 5Gbps is available with low priced portable USB 3.0 hard drives.
  • You can get good value for money only when the hard drives retrieve data faster. Caching is important to avoid the lagging in data revival so it is better to go for a buffer size of 8MB or more.

Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, LaCie, G-Technology and Kingston are the topmost brands offering a great deal for your money. We present here an extensive list of the best price hard drive of 2013 to help you with more buying options.

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