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Everybody loves spending less for any product. The mp3 players are no exception with basic models available at less than $30 while premium products are sold at above $100. As the price increases so also the number of features present in them. The mid range mp3 players have features such as voice/FM recording, photo viewing, playing videos along with the basic job of music playback.

The top end mp3 players are from Apple, Samsung etc, which delivers all the normal features present in an mp3 player. Plus the extra features such as apps for games, documentation work etc. With good quality WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, these mp3 players allows downloading and sharing of all media files. All the common file formats such as mp3, wma, aac, avi, mov, mpeg4, jpeg, bmp, gif, etc which are used by the music, video and photos are supported by the higher priced mp3 players.

This does not mean that the lower priced mp3 players are not good. There are mp3 players which offer good music quality along with photo and video viewing capability. Having storage of less than 4GB, these mp3 players are ideal for rough use or outdoor activities.

What matters is that the mp3 player should deliver good music with the added perks of viewing video/photos. Depending on your budget and requirements make a selection for the best priced mp3 players from the list of products shown below.

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