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Value for money is expected from the customers when purchasing the best washing machines. A 1cu.ft load capacity is ideal for students or those living in trailers. With smaller loads these washers are compact, portable and can be placed even over the sink counters. They are space and time saving.

As the laundry load increases the price factor and the number of features also increases. The washing capability also dynamically increases. There is a lot of advancement in steam and design technology in these latest washing machines. Noise reduction during the washing process is also another factor when buying the best priced washers. All of these features are incorporated as we go higher up the price ladder.

There is a common misconception that higher priced washing machines are better value for money. It need not be always true. There are several brands such as Haier, Maytag which market their washing machines in the lower price range. The best priced appliances have the basic features capable of handling limited laundry capacity. The energy star rated washing machine usually uses 35-50 % less water and energy than a non compliant model as per the US Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The drying process of the clothes is also influenced by the price factor. Usually the top load is less expensive than a front load because there is less usage of the gaskets or washers to prevent water leakage. While the water and detergent consumption is more in top loads the front load washers are more energy efficient.

For the best priced washing machines which gives a clean, good smelling laundry at the same time being energy efficient have a look at the listing of the top rated washing machines listed below.

Buying tips to find the Best Price Washing Machine of 2014 - 2015

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