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Something about the color purple signifies royalty, extravagance something the best mp3 brands understands. It is neither bold like red or subdued like blue. There is abundance of features such as LCD display for easy viewing of videos/music/photos even when seen off angle, easily accessible settings with intuitive interfaces, large internal flash memory along with expansion slots for SD cards ranging from 1GB to 4GB with higher capacities of around 32 GB also available. Major brands such as Apple, SanDisk etc are involved in making the music/video/photo experience pleasurable, capable of playing mp3, aac, avi, mpeg4, mov, jpeg, gif and other common formats.

The top rated purple mp3 players offer FM tuner, voice recording, ebook reader, camera web browsing alongside the usual music playing capability. Rechargeable batteries, easy media files transfer are some of the points to check out before buying the best purple mp3 players. Check out the latest listing as shown below.

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Apple iPod Shuffle 4th Gen

Apple Yellow iPod Shuffle 2 GB MP3 Player






Apple iPod Shuffle 4th Gen(2012)
Apple iPod Nano 5th Generation
SanDisk Clip Zip
SanDisk Fuze +
Cowon X7
Apple Yellow iPod Shuffle 2 GB MP3 Player
Apple iPod Nano 16GB MP3 Player - Purple
SanDisk Clip Zip (4 GB) MP3 Player
SanDisk Fuze +  16 GB  MP3 Player
Cowon X7  160 GB  MP3 Player
Release Date
Sep 2012
Sep 2009
Jul 2011
Sep 2010
Dec 2010
Available Colors
Black, Silver, Pink, Blue, Red, Purple, Green, Yellow
Black, Blue, Red, Purple, White, Orange, Gray
Black, Blue, Red, White, Purple
Black, Purple, White
Main Storage Type
Built-in Memory
Built-in Memory
Built-in Memory
Built-in Memory
Flash Memory
Storage Capacity
2.0 GB
16.0 GB
4.0 GB
16.0 GB
160.0 GB
Expansion Slots
Without Expansion Slots
Internal Flash Drive
Without Expansion Slots
Family Line
iPod Shuffle
iPod nano
Sandisk Sansa Clip
SanDisk Sansa
Number of Songs
Music, Video, Photo Viewing
Music, Video, Photo Viewing

  • The Apple iPod Shuffle is an adorable way to take your favorite songs on the go, but sometimes it's too small for its own good.

  • At just £39, with 2GB of storage and coming in a variety of fruity colours - our "orange" was more gold, and better for it - this iPod Shuffle is the best effort to date.

  • The 4th Generation iPad is only a minor improvement over its predecessor but still remains the tablet to beat. An upgraded A6X processor, Apple's new Lightning connector and a better front facing camera are the main differences. All in all this is an iterative upgrade that should only interest those who don't already own a 3rd Generation iPad.

  • No other MP3 player on the planet packs more features, from video to a pedometer, into a smaller package than the overachieving Apple iPod Nano.

  • The ultrathin iPod Nano now has a video camera, a radio, and a pedometer.

  • The candybar design and colours will undoubtedly sway many teetering on the edge of to Nano or not to Nano, and the addition of an FM radio and pedometer will go down well with those looking for a lightweight device to take jogging or to cart around as their primary media player. We doubt the video camera alone will entice that many people to upgrade, but with a range of useful features the fifth generation is the sleekest and most enticing version yet. For the price it will be hard to beat.

  • SanDisk's tongue-twister of an MP3 player is a stupefying value and its practical clip-on design is perfect for the gym.

  • The SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip is a solid budget MP3 player, small enough to clip to a shirt and sturdy enough to survive your workouts. And it offers much more than the same-price iPod shuffle.

  • SanDisk's latest competitor to the smallest iPods may not be as tiny or stylish, but it delivers a lot of features at very reasonable prices.

  • - It seems more durable and high-quality than early Sansa models.
    - The SanDisk Sansa Fuze is supercheap and nicely compact.
    - The icon-driven main menu is nice enough to look at, and the device is very easy to navigate, with music organized into playlist, artist, album, and so on.
    - The battery life of 28.2 hours for audio and 6.5 hours for video is plenty impressive.

  • - It isn't a pixelated mess with poor audio, which is sometimes the outcome with free video-conversion software.
    - If you want a tiny device with video capabilities, however, the Fuze should please.

  • A low price, deep feature list, and ultra-compact design makes the Sansa Fuze a very worthy Nano competitor.

  • Cowon has carved out a niche within a niche with the X7. It offers better sound quality and superior video capabilities than an iPod Classic, but it's also much bigger. The sheer size of the player is a tricky issue to scale, but if you can it offers surprisingly good value - with far greater storage than its series rivals, like the J3, at a similar price.

  • Rating Unavailable

    - It's simply the best audio experience out of a PMP, bar-none.

  • The Cowon X7 is an upper mid-cost portable media player. This player has a 4.3" LCD display with 480x272 resolution, as well as a TV output. The Smart Widget user interface of this player allows you to view all your favorite widgets and info on the same page.

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  1. Apple Yellow iPod Shuffle 2 GB MP3 Player
  2. Apple iPod Nano 16GB MP3 Player - Purple
  3. SanDisk Clip Zip (4 GB) MP3 Player
  4. SanDisk Fuze + 16 GB MP3 Player
  5. Cowon X7 160 GB MP3 Player