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Something about the color purple signifies royalty, extravagance something the best mp3 brands understands. It is neither bold like red or subdued like blue. There is abundance of features such as LCD display for easy viewing of videos/music/photos even when seen off angle, easily accessible settings with intuitive interfaces, large internal flash memory along with expansion slots for SD cards ranging from 1GB to 4GB with higher capacities of around 32 GB also available. Major brands such as Apple, SanDisk etc are involved in making the music/video/photo experience pleasurable, capable of playing mp3, aac, avi, mpeg4, mov, jpeg, gif and other common formats.

The top rated purple mp3 players offer FM tuner, voice recording, ebook reader, camera web browsing alongside the usual music playing capability. Rechargeable batteries, easy media files transfer are some of the points to check out before buying the best purple mp3 players. Check out the latest listing as shown below.

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