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Every person has a different take on quality. While sound quality tops the list for some, ease of use, handling quality is more important for others.

Whatever the reason may be, compared to the cordless or the cell phones, the corded phones offers the best quality in most of the aspects. The sound quality is excellent in the corded phones as there is less interferences from wireless networks or external environmental factors such as thunderstorms, rain etc. Best suited for the elderly or hard of hearing, the corded phones gives a more intuitive feeling when using them.

Durability and reliability go hand in hand when discussing the quality of corded phones. With good sturdy designs, easy to press soft, large buttons, good display for showing the stored messages etc and other regular features makes a good quality phone. You also don't get any dropped calls or fading voices commonly seen in cordless or cell phones.

Another reason to opt for corded phones is the multiple lines and expandability option available. The sound quality observed is better compared to cordless phones. Connect your mobile phones with these expansion phones and you can receive and make calls easily.

The most important factor is sound quality and all the rest is secondary. Bearing this mind, the best quality corded phones are recommended here based on ratings from phone experts around the web.

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