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RCA, an acronym for Radio Corporation of America is one of the oldest brands in the consumer electronics with a lifespan from 1919 to 1986. Due to financial difficulties, it was dissolved and currently VOXX International has the rights for the RCA brand name. Some of the highlights of the RCA mp3 players are as below:

Storage and supported formats:
There are various RCA mp3 players which typically have memory capacity ranging from 256MB to about 8GB, but higher capacity models with 16 - 20 GB are also available. The lower capacity models usually support only audio with FM radio as an additional option. With expansion slots for SD cards you can have an increased access to more music. As the capacity increases, video and photo viewing support is made available. All the common file formats for the media categories such as music (wma, mp3, aac), videos (mpeg4, avi, wmv, mov) and photos (jpeg, bmp,) are supported by the RCA mp3 players.

Features present in the mp3 player:
The top rated RCA mp3 players have a their own media management software- the RCA EasyRip. Using this software you can easily manage the media content such as music, videos, photos. Using the touch control navigation, organizing the music library is easier with the file directory structure. It helps in copying, deleting media files from your PC to the mp3 player's library or vice versa using the USB support. To enable you to have a long uninterrupted listening experience, the best mp3 players either have standard AAA batteries lasting for about 30 hrs of music, or the built-in rechargeable Lithium batteries. You can optionally record the FM radio song which is stored as an mp3 file.

Being a pioneer in the audio industry, RCA's range of mp3 players may not match upto the latest brands such as Apple, Samsung or others but they are good for occasional use and are very economical. We suggest you take a look at the different RCA mp3 players which best suits your needs.

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