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For the audiophile, good quality music is manna for the soul. They will go to any lengths to acquire it, either buying it or downloading. Rhapsody- one of the longest online subscription service started in 2001 where in music of any genre, bands, artists, albums, classics is available at your fingertips. It is a legitimate method to listen, download the music safely over the internet.

The Rhapsody subscription service can be used in any device such as mobiles, mp3 players, music streaming devices. Depending on the subscribed plan, you can listen on more than one device at the same time. These songs can only be played until the subscription lasts or else add them to your personal collection by buying them from the online mp3 store.

Since its an online interaction, the WiFi connection in the Rhapsody enabled mp3 players should be good to enable smooth buffering of the songs and playback. The browser support also matters as Rhapsody displays its services/menus interfaces differently depending on the particular device using it.

To conserve battery power the Offline Mode is another option offered by Rhapsody which lets you download the songs when you are without internet connection for streaming songs. These mp3 players should be capable of providing atleast 13- 15 hrs of playback. To save these downloaded songs there are mp3 players with memory capacity ranging from 2 GB to above 32 GB and capable of further expansion.

Since information about the various albums, artists, bands etc is very detailed, the mp3 players supporting the Rhapsody service must have clear displays with minimum of 2 inch size. Accessing the well organised Rhapsody library based on tracks, playlist etc should be easy using the touchscreen seen in some of the best mp3 players. As always the sound quality should be excellent with settings to improve it such as equalizer, balancers etc.

With its huge catalog of songs which includes everything from latest popular hits from top bands/artists to the little known groups or songs which are launch pad for newbies, Rhapsody is boon for all the music lovers. Having this service inside the mp3 players will make a perfect companion for anyone who is a music freak. The best Rhapsody friendly mp3 players which will satisfy them are as shown below.

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