Samsung NX210 3D
Samsung WB750
Samsung NX210 3D Digital Camera
Samsung WB750 Digital Camera
Release Date
Apr 2012
Sep 2011
Camera Type
3D Digital Camera, Digital camera - Mirrorless system
3D Digital Camera, Light Field Camera
Optical Zoom
3.0 x
18.0 x
21.6 Megapixel
12.5 Megapixel
Image Sensor Type
LCD Screen Size
3.0 in.
3.0 in.
Image Sensor Size
28.2 mm
7.7 mm

  • I like the NX210; I enjoy shooting with it. But I think there are too many confusing choices for automatic operation, and the JPEG quality needs to be better. Of course, if you shoot raw or only view photos at small sizes then it's perfectly fine (but if you only display your shots at small sizes then you shouldn't be spending this much on a camera). And while the speed of the autofocus never got in my way, it really should be a little more responsive for the money.

  • Rating Unavailable

    The NX210 isn't a revolutionary camera by any means. It has the same 20.3-megapixel CMOS sensor as its predecessor, the NX200, and the only huge new addition is the inclusion of a Samsung's built-in WiFi feature. By this rationale, the NX210 is smarter than its predecessor, as that's the adjective Samsung uses to describe its products with WiFi technology. The NX210 can not only transfer photos wirelessly from camera to computer, but it can also use its WiFi function to connect to smartphones and Samsung Smart TVs.

  • The new NX210 is a very modest update of the NX200, principally adding a range of Wi-fi connectivity options to a 9-month-old camera. While we still like the NX210's excellent image quality, the compact system market has become even more crowded in the last year, so much so that the NX210 now feels a bit over-priced and under-powered compared to some of the competition.

  • The Samsung WB750 is a very capable superzoom camera, covering an 18x range. It produces sharp images and delivers quick performance, but its video quality is disappointing.

  • Aside from the impressive 18x lens which, we must admit, is pretty astounding on a camera of this size, the Samsung WB750 is quintessentially average. Over the course of a 16 page review, it seems the English language lacks a sufficient variety of adjectives to describe this cameraâ??s ordinariness. Color performance is standard, resolution abilities are run-of-the-mill, prevalence of noise is typical, and the user interface isâ?¦normal?

  • The Samsung WB750 is the latest entry in a quick-changing line-up of travel-zoom cameras from the South Korean giant, designed to take on and beat the market-leading Panasonic TZ-series.

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