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Television mogul Samsung, designs some of the best LED TVs today with Full HD 1080p resolution and their 3D LED TV are made for various room sizes with screens ranging from 32" to above 65".

While conventional LED TVs use the local dimming feature to enhance black levels and improve picture contrast, Samsung LED TVs responded with proprietary technology called Micro dimming and Precision Black local dimming, claiming better performance. Though Samsung manufacture edge-lit as well as Full Array-lit LED TVs, we recommend the Full Array-lit ones that implement local dimming. This is because expert tests have proved that edge-lit LED TVs don't handle the dimming feature too well and so, suffer lower contrast levels and less image accuracy.

Moving on from the panel features, it's worthwhile to know how Samsung fares in terms of 3D. Samsung TVs work on Active 3D technology which means you get to watch 3D content in its full intended resolution with Active shutter glasses which are either included or purchased separately. To learn more about Active 3D, visit our best 3D TVs page. The best 3D Samsung TVs allow you not only excellent 3D content but also great 2D viewing. Our listing below, for the best Samsung 3D LED TVs is derived from expert reviews and takes you through features as well as price options to pick your best 3D TV.

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