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Samsung manufactures 60 TVs with either LED backlit LCD or plasma panels and these are some of the best HDTVs in the current market. The plasma televisions implement Real Black Pro, a feature that enhances the black levels to achieve superior picture quality; while the Clear Motion Rate for their LED TVs defines excellent refresh rates and response times that eliminate motion blur even in action packed scenes.

60" HDTVs are very becoming of large spacious rooms and from an appropriate distance of around 10 ft you can experience the pleasure of 1080p HD videos on your Samsung HDTV.

Since 60" TVs are generally the higher end models, they are also some of the best 3D TVs and Smart TVs with wi-fi, 3D shutter glasses, full web browsers, Skype etc. So scroll down our list of the best 60" Samsung TVs look at features, reviews and buying options to decide what's most fitting for you.

Buying tips to find the Best Samsung 60 inch TV of 2014

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