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The best 65" Samsung TVs are some of the best HDTVs, best 3D TVs and SmartTVs available today, not only because 65" televisions qualify as high end models but also since Samsung has been a leading television giant for years. Samsung 3D TVs work on Active 3D technology and come with shutter glasses which display 3D content in its full resolution. The SmartTV features include web browsers that are backed by dual core processors so you can actually use your TV like a computer with 60" screen!

Samsung makes their 65" TVs with Full HD LED backlit LCD panels or Plasma panels with 1080p resolution. The recommended viewing distance to get the best visual experience out of your television is about 11 feet. To check out all the best Samsung 65" TV options, read top reviews and price options, just scroll down.

Buying tips to find the Best Samsung 65 inch TV of 2014

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