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The best digital cameras by Samsung of 2013 are mainly in the fast-moving compact camera segment as well as the newer segment of mirrorless Interchangeable lens cameras.

Samsung, being the world's largest technology company, has over the last few years overcome their brand-image as a "cheap alternative to Japanese products". Still they are able to maintain the very competitive pricing while they consistently improve the specs.

Samsung has over the past few years unleashed a diversified product line in the market in the point and shoot category and has managed to get a good market share by the sheer variety of the products and the strong pricing. The best Samsung digital cameras offer some unique features such as Dual view LCD screens (in the PL150), larger touch screens and bigger optical zooms which make them more competitive options.

With their NX system of cameras, Samsung is capturing the attention of the pros as well. NX system is the lens mount used for NX series of APS-C mirrorless interchangeable lens camera by Samsung. It comes with autofocus and image stabilization. Recently Samsung launched a new camera control feature called i-Function, available on some of their NX lenses, in which an electrical interface provides control of camera settings via a ring and button on the lens.

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