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This list of the best Samsung digital cameras under $500 is narrowed down to the digital cameras which have been favorably rated by top digital camera reviewers. Some of the cameras under this category are Bridge cameras which can moderately capture photos in low lighting environments. Hence these cameras are useful when you capture party photos and action shots.

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Samsung NX300

Samsung NX300 Digital Camera



Samsung NX300
Samsung WB2200F
Samsung NX300 Digital Camera
Samsung WB2200F
Release Date
Mar 2013
Apr 2014
Camera Type
Compact System Camera, Digital camera - Mirrorless system, Rangefinder-style mirrorless
SLR-like (bridge)
Optical Zoom
2.5 x
60.0 x
20.0 Megapixel
16.0 Megapixel
Image Sensor Type
LCD Screen Size
3.3 in.
3.0 in.
Image Sensor Size
28.26 mm
2.5 mm

  • The Samsung NX300 is a speedy mirrorless compact that captures excellent images and offers well-executed integrated Wi-Fi for easy online photo sharing.

  • The NX300's new 20.3 megapixel sensor delivers excellent still image quality, with a very usable ISO range of 100-6400, plus 1080p HD video at a range of frame rates complete with auto-focusing, full control over the exposure settings, stereo sound and a wealth of other options. The NX300 offers all the advantages that a camera with a large APS-C DSLR sensor has, namely better performance at higher ISOs and greater depth-of-field than the smaller Micro Four Thirds format, although the trade-off comes in the form of comparably bigger lenses.

  • The Samsung NX300 really does earn the title of the flagship NX mirrorless camera. It offers a classic leatherette skin draped over a sleek metal body. It is solid and sturdy--the best made NX of the entire lineup. Its image quality is clean and sharp, only giving way to serious pixel degradation at ISOs above 6400.

  • The Samsung WB2200F's 60x lens can capture virtually any scene, but it suffers from image noise and slow autofocus.

  • You have to hand it to Samsung for producing a bridge camera which stands out from the crowd, but it’s also quite a risky move. Although the WB2200F is roughly the same weight as many of its direct rivals, that dual grip design makes it considerably bigger. Sure, the excellent 600-shot battery life helps offset this size increase, but carrying a second battery with a smaller, single-grip bridge camera would give similar power reserves and save space.

  • A full-featured bridge camera that produces perfectly good images, but is let down by its AF system and a few interface quirks.