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Samsung is one of the world's most prominent television manufacturers and offer a wide selection of HDTV with 26" to 74" displays. Samsung's HDTV collections are typically 1080p capable of displaying 720p, 1080i and also up-scaling lower resolution content.

With the craze for LED and Plasma rising steadily, Samsung has been considering discontinuing their LCD TV production to focus more on LED and plasma. Nonetheless, they still have some pretty neat LCD TVs with Samsung's very own ConnectShare that allows you to plug in your USB and view compatible files on your TV.

While Plasma TVs are already known for their excellent picture quality and contrast, plasma TVs from Samsung really transcend the boundaries of conventional plasma displays by implementing their proprietary Real Black Pro to enhance black levels and improve contrast.

Samsung's LED TVs are pushing past their average screen sizes, going up to 74", while maintaining the sleek design that their products are known to have.

For their 3D HDTVs, Samsung offer Active 3D shutter glasses and their high end SmartTVs include Full Web browsers, a compatible keyboard and Skype compatibility with a camera. Our selection of the best Samsung HDTVs gives you the top rated products according to expert reviews from around the web. So scroll down to check specs, reviews and buy.

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