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As the world's largest manufacturer of LCD panels and televisions Samsung has brought in high end features for their LCD TVs, like High Definition resolutions, 3D-Ready and ConnectShare, a proprietary technology. While 3D-Ready telly gives you the 3rd dimension in cinema, the 3D active shutter glasses would have to be purchased separately. Samsung's ConnectShare allows you to simply connect your USB to the monitor and access movies and videos of your choice.

LCD TVs from Samsung are all Full HDTVs sporting a display resolution of 720p and higher and are available in various screen sizes, so you can opt for a modest 27" or a 47" or higher one on which you can enjoy gaming and better visual effects.

So go down our listing for the best Samsung LCD TVs to know exactly what your options are.

Buying tips to find the Best Samsung LCD HDTV of 2014

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