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Apart from Plasma and LCD TVs, Samsung has been releasing SmartTVs and other low-end LED TVs models with display sizes ranging between 22" and 75". If you have decided on spending on these premium TV's using LED technology, you can benefit from advantages like lightweight and slim body, energy efficiency and excellent picture quality. The best and latest Samsung LED TV's support 2D and 3D formats in full HD resolution of 1080p. These TV's are designed to provide you an immersive viewing experience while watching sports, movies and other entertainment channels. Playing games with the help of your home theatre systems could also be a great experience on Samsung's LED TV's.

SmartTV's from Samsung using LED technology are equipped with a spectrum of features for a truly connected entertainment experience. With the built-in Wi-Fi feature and a browser, you can browse the internet on your Samsung LED TV using a wireless keyboard provided with your TV. And with the built-in camera and Skype app, you could also have endless video conversations. Samsung incorporates various applications and lets you stream music, movies and TV online. Samsung also allows you to control these applications using touch gestures and voice controls. The best Samsung LED TV's support HDMI connectivity, hence it could be an alternative for connecting your TV to the internet via Ethernet.

While processing fast-moving images, the TV's capacity to measure the same is expressed in hertz (Hz) and is known as Refresh Rate. The best Samsung LED TV's measure the Refresh Rate in a more comprehensive way and terms it as Clear Motion Rate (CMR). The greater the rate, the better the viewing experience, especially in 3D. While this CMR value is critical while watching fast moving sports scenes, gaming and action films, the value ranges between 240 and 960 for all Samsung LED TV's.

With a 178 degree viewing angle, Samsung LED TV's offer you the exquisite feature of enjoying True 3D TV content in full HD (1080p resolution). Samsung Active 3D glasses provided with your TV connect with your TV wirelessly via Bluetooth.

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