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Since the inception of LED backlit LCD TVs, the rave for Plasma TVs has declined, and this is largely due to high power consumption of a plasma display. However, they have pretty good colour uniformity; great contrast ratios and brightness; and the best viewing angles to counterbalance their flaws.

Our list of Samsung Plasma TVs show you a wide range of screen sizes from 43" to around 64" in Full HD resolutions of 720p and 1080p.

Samsung being one of the world's leading television manufacturers, make some of the best plasma TVs in the market, giving you the option of HD, 3D and SmartTV. Samsung's plasma 3D TVs and SmartTVs come with 51", 60" and 64" displays. Samsung 3D TVs use active 3D technology and come with active 3D shutter glasses and are typically SmartTVs. Their SmartTVs are browser enabled giving you access to stream movies online, Skype and other applications.

The best Samsung Plasma TVs go a step further with their 600Hz, Subfield Motion technology that almost nullifies motion blur. They use anti-reflective coating to check screen glare caused by ambient light, to give you the ultimate best in picture quality.

Buying tips to find the Best Samsung Plasma TV of 2014 - 2015

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