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Samsung manufactures versatile interchangeable lens and easy-to-use compact point and shoot digital cameras. The best Samsung point and shoot cameras have simple design supporting light and ultra-compact bodies. Most of the latest Samsung compact cameras are pocketable and come with the much needed snap and share capabilities with advanced connectivity options.

Supporting the various storage options, these cameras can shoot photos of resolution as low as 12 Megapixel, ranging up to 16 Megapixel and even 20.3 Megapixel with the help of CCD sensors for crisp, bright and detailed images. One of the important features to consider while shooting outdoors or travelling is the optical zoom - the Samsung digital cameras offer zoom range from 10x to 21x, to clearly capture the faraway subjects without actually getting closer.

Smart cameras and features

Apart from the Samsung's line of connected cameras which run on the Android operating system, there are a bunch of other next generation digital cameras with smart and innovative features.

With the help of built-in Wi-Fi support, the best high performance Samsung point and shoot cameras allow you to upload captured images and videos instantly to the internet - including social media sharing, emailing and cloud storage (Microsoft SkyDrive).

Some of the Samsung smart cameras support the innovative DualView feature, which means that you have two LCD screens: front and the rear. The front LCD screen helps you to frame the picture perfectly when you are capturing portraits of your own along with others. The best smart cameras from Samsung use the hybrid touch user interface on the 3 inch touch screens which offer two options: you can either use the 5-way button for the cursor movement or you could input the characters on touch screen.

Some of the advanced features on the Samsung digital cameras, like Smart Auto analyzes and adjusts to the surroundings and helps in capturing beautiful and high-resolution shots by selecting one of the 11 optimized settings including types of macro.

Check out our product listing of best Samsung point and shoot cameras, most of them support HD video recording capability and can be bought under the price range of $200.

Samsung WB800F Digital Camera


1. Samsung WB800F    $311

Samsung WB250F Digital Camera


2. Samsung WB250F   

Samsung EX2F Digital Camera


3. Samsung EX2F   

Samsung DV150F Digital Camera


4. Samsung DV150F   

Samsung Galaxy Camera 4G


5. Samsung Galaxy   

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