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Samsung electronics is a South Korea headquartered multinational corporation and one of the worlds biggest consumer electronics manufacturers.

Samsung have some very compelling designs and offerings as far as flat panel tvs are concerned and are one up, when it comes to their LED HDTVs which are pretty phenomenal in action. When the LED TV market came out with the local dimming feature to improve contrast, Samsung responded with their very own Micro dimming and Precision black local dimming features. Local dimming refers to controlling groups of LEDs behind the display to shut them off in parts of a scene which require pitch black; consequently increasing the contrast levels. The best of Samsung's LED TVs also have really fast refresh rates (also known as Clear motion Rate) which enable them to eliminate motion blur.

Samsung has a full blown range of LED TVs from 22 inch screens to over 65 inches with either edge-lit or direct-lit LED backlighting. Direct-lit televisions have a panel of LEDs placed right behind the LCD screen to provide the necessary light. Edge-lit TVs on the other hand, have the LEDs placed all around the edge of the screen and lights it up towards the center, and typically take the second place in terms of picture quality.

When it comes to plasma technology however, even the best of Samsung's plasma TVs are still playing catch up to brands like Panasonic which have made a name for themselves with their path breaking plasma series. Samsung's plasma TVs have a 600Hz sub field drive that is responsible for the smooth free flowing picture quality in even scenes like car racing. However all the best plasma TVs today are able to generate 600 frames per second so this isn't really a feature native to Samsung plasmas. Starting at around 42 inches, Samsung plasma TVs are available in large sizes up to 65 inches.

The least expensive and also the third of their priorities, is Samsung's LCD TV lineup. LCD TVs from Samsung are available in around 40 inches and are full HDTVs with a resolution of 1080p; and include the Connectshare feature to plug in a USB and view your files.

Coming to Samsung's 3D offerings, Samsung 3D LED TVs implement Active 3D technology which sport full HD 3D. Active 3D TVs alternatively generate one image for the left eye and another for the right, so rapidly that we see a free flowing picture. These televisions are watched with Active shutter glasses which shut out picture in the right or left lens, according to the image displayed by your TV. The two images being of slightly different perspectives induces us to perceive it in the third dimension. Samsung 3D TVs are available with either LED or plasma panels.

Samsung hold their ground with some of the best Smart TVs in the market that are fully featured to provide services like Skype, full web browsers, Facebook and Youtube; so you can download, conference or do just about anything you'd do with your desktop computer.

Our list of the best Samsung flat panel TVs is narrowed down to the top rated models touted for their performance by expert reviewers around the web.

Samsung PN51F8500 51-In 1080p 3D Smart Plasma HDTV


1. Samsung PN F8500    $5,999

Samsung UN65F7100 65-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV


2. Samsung UN F7100    $1,699

Samsung PN60F5500 60-Inch 1080p 600Hz 3D Smart Plasma HDTV


3. Samsung PN F5500   

Samsung UN50F6300 50-Inch 1080p 120Hz Slim Smart LED HDTV


4. Samsung UN F6300    $1,410 - $9,124

Samsung UN65F9000 65-In 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV


5. Samsung UN F9000    $1,499 - $2,898

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