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Seagate is one of the leading manufacturers of hard drives catering to the worldwide demand of storage devices. The best Seagate hard drives are specialised for usage in surveillance, business, enterprises, entertainment and work related to intensive use of videos.

The topmost Seagate hard drives are available in two form factors 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch for laptops, desktops and video storage. These Seagate hard drives have IDE/EIDE, SATA and Fibre Channel interfaces for their internal enclosure while there are interfaces such as USB and FireWire for hard drives having external enclosure. Internal hard drives are where the operating systems, programs and data are stored permanently and accessed from. If you need extra storage and want to create backup of your internal hard drive, you can opt for the best external hard drives from Seagate.

There are some features and specifications which should be taken into consideration while buying the most suitable Seagate hard drive. We discuss these further in the upcoming section.

Capacity is the first thing you might want to consider in these Seagate hard drives as the specification defines the space available to store all your digital content. 1TB of capacity is decent enough to accommodate the photos clicked by you, videos which you want to edit, and the games you might be planning to play. If you are in a profession like graphics designing or architecture which demands exhaustive use of storage space, you can go for 2TB or more capacity. For home or small business server, Seagate hard drives with 4TB capacities would do good.

Spindle speed, data transfer speed and buffer size are some of the factors which affect the performance of the hard disk drive. Remember to opt for the Seagate hard drive having spindle speed of 7200 RPM, which will deliver high performance by allowing quicker access to the data. However, 5400 RPM should be your choice if you are looking for low power and high-capacity external hard drives from Seagate.

Consider the external data transfer rate which is a measure of how fast the data is transferred to or from the computer. It would be better to go for a Seagate hard drive having at least 100 Mbps of external data transfer rate.

Also, disk caching makes the recently accessed data available in the memory so that reviving it again when requested does not take much time. For faster retrieval of data or programs, a buffer size of at least 16MB are required in Seagate desktop hard drives. In Seagate laptop hard drives, cache of 8MB to 16MB would be better.

Check out our list of the best Seagate hard drives to select the one to meet all your storage needs.

Seagate Wireless Plus 1 TB Built-In Wi-Fi Streaming (STCK1000100)


1. Seagate Wireless Plus 1 TB (STCK1000100)    $141

Seagate Backup Plus 750 GB USB 3.0 STBU750100


2. Seagate Backup Plus    $88 - $349

Seagate Expansion 3 TB USB 3.0 STBV3000100


3. Seagate Expansion    $150

Seagate (STBD3000100) 3 TB SATA Hard Drive


4. Seagate STBD3000100    $111

Seagate (STAX500102) 1 TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive


5. Seagate STAX500102   

Buying tips to find the Best Seagate Hard Drive of 2015

Comparison Chart

Seagate Internal hard drives:
ProductCapacity Interface Usage
Desktops250GB to 3TBSATAAll-in-one PCs and servers, gaming
Laptops250GB to 750GBSATAIndustrial use with the advantage of mobility and durability
Enterprise73GB to 4TBSATA,SAS (Serial-attached SCSI)Database application, high performance enterprise servers, data security
Video Storage1TB to 3TBSATADigital video recording, set-top boxes for cable, video surveillance

Seagate External hard drives:
ProductCapacity Interface Usage
Backup Plus500GB to 3TBUSB 3.0, FireWire 800, ThunderboltData backup, saving content from social networking sites and instantly sharing the same
Slim Portable500GBUSB 3.0Carrying all your data while traveling
Expansion1TB to 3TBUSB 3.0Adding more storage to PC, easy to set up
GoFlex1TB to 3TBSATAHome network, automatic backup
BlackArmor2TB to 6TBGigabit EthernetNetwork-attached storage solution for small business, remote access to files

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