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Wireless networks are increasingly being subject to hacking attempts and hackers today have found ways even to crack wired networks through wireless technology. Consequently enterprises must implement the best wireless security standards to safeguard confidential business and personal information

Wireless security manifests in terms of different security standards. The popular ones include Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and its successor WPA 2.

WEP is the oldest and the most insecure as multiple tools have emerged capable of compromising WEP secure wireless networks. WPA2 is the safest and the most dominant security standard of today. However WPA2 is not supported across the older hardware as it requires a firmware upgrade. The firmware encrypts the network with a longer and more secure 256 bit key.

Clearly the best routers which implement effective wireless security support the WPA2 security standard. Check out our list of most secured routers, top rated by some of the best wireless router reviewers around the web.

Buying tips to find the Best Security Wireless Router of 2014

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