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Japanese consumer electronics multinational, Sharp, is the fifth largest television manufacturer in the world and are a great choice for some of the best smart TVs at economical prices.

Sharp Smart TVs are represented under their 6, 7 and 8 series which is their current collection of Smart TVs. Beginning at 50 inches, Sharpâ??s Smart TVs go up to 80 inches or higher, and offer good picture quality due to their LED backlit displays. Their Smart TVs however are typically Edge-lit televisions and not the direct-lit kind, although many of them come with local dimming to boost contrast.

Sharp's 7 and 8 series of Smart TVs have high refresh rates of 240 Hz while the 6 series refreshes at 120 Hz. As you probably know, a higher refresh rate implies less motion blur, so if you are a lot of gaming on your Sharp, opt for the 7 or 8.If you're looking to do more than just stream movies you will still have to check out the 7 and 8 series and not the 6. Series 7 and 8 have web browsers through which you can surf the internet and browse any website you choose at excellent speed. The agility of the entire browsing activity is achieved by dual core processor that Sharp integrates in all their Smart TVs.

The built-in Wi-fi enables your Sharp Smart TV to connect to the internet where you will get access to stream movies and videos online. The apps you get are like any other Smart TV-you have Netflix, pandora, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and the rest of them.

The best Sharp Smart TVs compete with the top Smart Tvs in the market but at a more accessible price.

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