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Gigaset AG, formerly known as Siemens Home and Office Communication Devices is a multinational corporation based in Munich, Germany. With its main business being home electronics such as corded and cordless phones, IP phones, Siemens flagship product is its line of Gigaset phones. The best of the Siemens gigaset phones are known for their high performance with clear sound. Some of the features which the top rated Siemens phones has implemented to offer better call services are as mentioned below:

The Gigaset phones from the Siemens have made major innovations in sound technology such as the High Sound Performance (HSP) that provides brilliant sound and clarity for landline telephone services and the High Definition Sound Performance (HDSP) which allows you phone over the internet. You can enjoy conversations with twice the sound quality of a normal phone call. With Dect 6.0 & 2.4GHz being the preferred mode of transmission these top quality phones provides added security against eavesdroppers & less interferences from other wifi networks and physical barriers.

Phones from Siemens use both the Quicksync software and Bluetooth technology together to exchange your contact data details between handsets or the main base unit quickly and easily. With these features you can also sync your PC address book data with the widely used Siemens Gigaset phones. For a handsfree call experience, you can answer & call using the bluetooth compatible headsets.

The touchscreen technology incorporated in some of the top end phone models from Siemens gives an intuitive feel to accessing the various features of these phones. In addition to the regular operations such as call hold, call wait, transfer, intercom etc, the widely phones from Siemens have answering machines which have about 45 minutes of recording time with time stamping of the saved messages. Because of it high clarity the Siemens phones can be used for tele conferences while the single/multi line facility supports easy expandability.

The choices available for these Gigaset phones from Siemens is with price ranging from low as $20 for the cordless expansion handsets to top end models in the range of $100 and above.

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