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Gone are the days of large, bulky CRT TVs. Modern TV technology has made it possible for the best TVs to have depths ranging from 1 to around 4 inches depending on the models and technology used.

LEDs, Plasmas and LCDs are in the lineup for the slimmest TVs in that order. The TV technology has encouraged the development of thin frames to support excellent displays. LED TVs are the slimmest TVs right now owing to the fact that the LEDs used here, can be placed either along the panels or throughout the backpanel at regular intervals. The small LEDs are inexpensive, energy efficient and be easily replaced compared to the crystals or the materials used in LCD/Plasma sets.

Slim TVs have the advantage of being either wall mounted or with stands. Looks being one of the factors when buying a TV, the slimmer, sleeker TV frame has an aesthetic appeal to it which adds to the decor of the room. All the major brands have kept this in mind to manufacture sets with stands that complement the thin frame. The stands from Samsung UN series, LG LA series drives home this point.

The slim feature is the latest in the long list which the TV brands are constantly upgrading and selling to the customers to retain the top position. Thinner the frame size, manufacturing cost increases. If price is not an issue then the best slim TVs are from LG, Samsung and Panasonic. The top rated slim TVs are shown below based on reviews from experts around the web.

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