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The technology advancement in the TV category has made the screen sizes bigger with thinner frames. Incorporating the LED technology within the TV frame whose average size it at present around 1.8 inches (without stand) is what we see now which is different from the old boxy CRT TV of yesteryears.

Typically having the Edge Lit LED technology for displaying, the best LED TV's have lent a new meaning to space saving. With its slim design, these TVs can be wall mounted or set up where there is space constraint whereas the Direct LED or Full LED technology adds a few extra centimeters to the TV's depth. Whichever technology is used, LED's have an advantage over the LCD's or Plasmas in terms of energy consumption.

All this comes with the concern of the TV's shelf life. Extra care must be taken when handling them. Also the cost of repairing is comparatively higher when any display issues is seen. The direct LED TV's are slightly cheaper as the number of LEDs required is less.

The best way of deciding on which slim LED TV to buy is - if you want an extremely slim TV with great picture quality, contrast and power consumption, then buy a LED Edge lit set. If not opt for a direct, local dimming thin TV set with exceptional all-round performance.

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