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Sony manufactures VAIO Tap and VAIO L line desktops with 20 inch and 24 inch diagonal screen sizes respectively. With the support for HDMI connectivity, the best Sony desktops have good integration with its own PS3 gaming console. Sony's all-in-one desktops are high responsive touch operated devices with HD screen displays.

VAIO Tap line desktop models are all-in-one touchscreens designed for portability and entertainment purpose, which are affordable under $1000 price range.

VAIO Tab desktops run on the latest Windows operating system (Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro) along with the third generation Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors. These all-in-one desktops can be operated with touch screens along with the wireless keyboard and mouse provided with the product. The 20 inch screen size of these desktops support the resolution of 1600 x 900 under VAIO Tap product line.

Some of the other configurations of VAIO Tap line of desktop models are up to 8GB of internal memory, 1TB of hard disk drive and Intel HD graphics. These desktop models also feature integrated HD webcam.

VAIO L Series:
VAIO L Series of all-in-one desktops are built for entertainment purpose with support for TV tuner, HDMI and 3D compatibility. Running on Windows operating system (Windows 8 and Windows Pro) and implementing the 3rd generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors with dual and quad cores, these all-in-one are affordable under $1200 price range.

The best Sony desktops under VAIO L Series have 24 inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. These touchscreen all-in-one desktops also offer the backlit wireless keyboards for easier operation.

VAIO L Series desktops offer up to 8GB of internal memory, 3TB of hard disk drive along with built-in or discrete (NVIDIA, 2GB dedicated) graphic processors.

Find the best Sony desktops from the list below based numerous consolidated reviews around the web.

Sony VAIO Tap All-in-One Touch Screen SVJ20217CXW 20-Inch Desktop (White)


1. Sony VAIO Tap 20   

Sony VAIO L24 SVL24114FXB Touchscreen AIO Desktop


2. Sony VAIO L24   

Sony P6000 1 86GHZ 4G 500G 21 5 DVD WIN7 B - VPCJ112GX B PC Desktop


3. Sony VAIO VPC-J   

Sony VAIO R  VPCJ114FX B 21 5  All-in-One FHD Touch Screen Desktop PC - Black


4. Sony VAIO R VPCJ114FX   

SONY VAIO VPCJ113FX B 21 5  Touchscreen Intel Core i3 350M 2 26GHz  4GB DDR3 500GB Intel HD Graphics    PC Desktop



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