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Sony has recently ventured into the manufacturing of DSLR cameras after Konica Minolta merged with it. Sony has been releasing high-end DSLRs for professional and enthusiasts under Alpha product line. Sony Alpha DSLRs which use Carl Zeiss A-Mount lens are known for their high performance features like superior picture quality, high sensitivity, automatic increase of detail in bright and dark picture areas, smooth image stabilization and dual media options.

The Sony-developed technology Translucent Mirror Technology makes you capture shots with speed and precision at 12 fps (frames per second), avoiding the flip movement of reflex mirror during every photo capture. The series of Sony Alpha DSLR cameras include a99, a77, a65, a58 cameras.

The best Sony DSLR cameras utilize full frame (35mm) and APS-C sensors, specially designed for Alpha line of digital camera models resulting in detailed, noiseless and vibrant photos. Sony a77 and a65 Alpha DSLR models offer camera resolution of 24.3 Megapixel and implement APS-C sensors for clear and rich images

Sony's proprietary OLED viewfinder technology - Tru-Finder, especially on a77 and a65 cameras, helps photographers to effectively compose their shots. The Tru-Finder viewfinders allow you preview your images with real time adjustments in high contrast ratio with clarity and detail.

Sony has an offering of wide variety of A-Mount lens, specifically designed for use with Alpha DSLR cameras allowing you to choose right lens for the right situations like wide angle, zoom, macro and others.

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