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Headquartered in Tokyo, Sony is a Japanese conglomerate and one of the most prominent electronics manufacturing MNCs in the world.

Their best and most popular product is the Sony VAIO laptop series and the E, S, Z, T and L notebook series and ultrabooks.

Sony is noted for their wide range of colour options, and their E series is available in even Midnight Blue and Blush Pink, while VAIO Z comes in Carbon Gold. However, there are several options in more sober colours too for down-to-earth tastes, with Sony S and F series in pretty modest designs.
Sony's VAIO Z and S series offer compact and portable sizes along with excellent performance

Sony laptops typically feature two-button touchpads which are highly sensitive, and a broad scope for customization of processors and hard-drives via its website. Sony notebooks generally lean towards the costlier side, but are worth the value, with their excelling performance and reliability.

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