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Sony corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate and the third largest television manufacturer in the world. Consequently, Sony has some of the best hdtvs on offer at most price points. Sony TV panels up until quite recently have not been quite their own, but what they've been buying from companies like Sharp. However Sony announced in 2012 that they would hook up with Panasonic to make their own OLED panels soon.

Since the advent of LED TVs, Sony's commitment to LCD TVs has been waning and Plasma TVs have completely stopped being manufactured by them. Sony now, focuses only on LED TVs which are said to offer the best picture quality in comparison with the other two.

So how is an LED TV different? LED TVs use a different backlighting technology from the former LCD TVs that used cathode lamps as a light source, although both use an LCD screen for their displays. In an LED TV Light Emitting Diodes are placed directly behind the screen (Direct/Full Array-lit) to light up the screen from behind; or all around the edge of the frame (Edge-lit) to light up the screen inwards. LED backlit TVs offer a longer lifespan than traditional LCD because these diodes last longer than the fluorescent lamps. Furthermore, LED TVs have a gain in contrast ratios, viewing angles and refresh rates too.

The Sony HDTV market currently has 5 product lines into which they are categorized: XBR, HX, EX, R and BX.

The R series of Sony flat screen TVs is a bunch of full blown LED TVs with direct-lit panels in 32-inch and 40-inch frames. With quick refresh rates of 120 Hz, Sony TVs minimize motion blur during sports scenes and action packed movies.

Sony's EX TVs are packed with internet features from Wi-fi and Skype to apps like NetFlix, Youtube and Facebook. Sony HDTVs are typically Dynamic Edge-lit with local dimming to produce better contrasts and also feature a 240Hz refresh rate to play fast paced scenes with no motion blur.

The meritorious Sony HX TVs are made to multitask internet features as well as 3D. They give you the best of 3D with active shutter glasses, and great 2D performance as well. Sony's HX televisions are made for sports viewing and gaming. with the the 240Hz refresh rate, backed by 480 motionflow; and comes with dynamic edge-lit LED panels with local dimming to provide higher contrasts.

Sony's XBR is a line of high end HDTVs subsuming internet apps, wi-fi, and skype, along with the 3D feature that include 2 pairs of shutter glasses. Sony claims that the intelligent peak edge-lit LED panels in Sony's TVs provide better contrasts than ever before while the 240Hz response time completely eliminates motion blur even in action packed sports scenes. Furthermore, Sony's aggrandized their average screen in the XBR televisions to take it up to 84 inches.

Our list of the best Sony TVs below, gives you the top rated HDTVs released by Sony over the last year.

Sony KDL-55W900A 55-Inch 240Hz 1080p 3D Internet LED HDTV


1. Sony KDL-W900A   

Sony KDL-55W802A 55-Inch 120Hz 1080p 3D Internet LED HDTV


2. Sony KDL-W802A   

Sony KDL-32R400A 32-Inch 60Hz 720p LED HDTV


3. Sony KDL-R400A   

Sony KDL-40R450A 40-Inch 60Hz 1080p LED HDTV


4. Sony KDL-R450A   

Sony XBR-65X900A 65-In Ultra HD 3D LED UHDTV


5. Sony XBR-X900A    $2,500

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