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Video gaming being full of action packed scenes, a television catering to gaming buffs must necessarily have a high refresh rate to avoid motion lag and display fast moving scenes with clarity. Sony Televisions has brought out some amazing televisions suitable for gamers, with Full HD screen sizes ranging from 32" to 55", implementing Sony's Motionflow XR, a feature that enables the TV to have a high 240Hz refresh rate and consequently allowing you to capture more number of images per second. This means fast paced scenes appear clearer and encounter no motion blur.

Added to this, the best Sony TVs for movies are also 3D HDTVs working on active 3D technology with active shutter glasses to give 3D content in Full HD resolution. They are LED HDTVs and incorporate the latest features to enhance colour accuracy to provide more realistic picture quality. Scroll down to have a look at our list of the top rated Sony TVs for movies, read expert reviews and compare buying options.

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