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In washing machines, steam is used in different ways. When steam is used, it softens the fabric allowing it to soak thoroughly. During the washing phase, it allows the detergent to dissolve more effectively thereby increasing its cleaning power. In the post wash phase, it lends higher temperature to the tub to sterilize the clothes. It is also used to soften the wrinkles which are formed during the spin action of the drying process. A typical steam washer is available in the price range of $500-$1000.

Some of the features to look for when buying the best steam washers are:

Cleaning ability: Steam washers uses water & steam pressure to loosen dirt from the fibers & hard to reach areas of the clothes. When combined with the washing process, it leads to effective laundering. You should search for the Allergiene cycle option when buying the best steam washers.Here stream is introduced at high temperature to remove the common allergens.

Gentleness to fabric: Our laundry consists of different types of fabrics, each with different ways of washing. Generally steam washers are used for the type which are delicate ,thin & avoid excess moisture. This reduces the wear & tear normally associated with regular washing.

Loading capacity & options: The loading capacity of the steam washer is often given in cu ft or cubic feet. A family of 3-4 members can opt a front load steam washer with atleast 4 cu ft capacity. Steam washers are available in both front load and top load variants. To overcome space problems, it is best to go for the front load variant.

Energy use: Energy Star Ratings is an international standard maintained for any consumer electronic product. It indicates how energy efficient a consumer product is. You should opt for steam washers which has rating of atleast 3 star or above.

The above list will give an idea of what features to consider when buying the best steam washer for your family.

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