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T-Mobile USA, the fourth largest wireless carrier in the world is a subsidiary of T-Mobile International AG. While T-Mobile’s digital cellular network spans U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands, their coverage is not limited to areas within their frequency range; and by way of roaming agreements with operators of compatible networks, T-Mobile brings reception even in places where they currently own no radio frequencies.

T-Mobile presents an array of tailor made plans to choose from, such as individual plans, family plans, unlimited nationwide 4G data, value plans, unlimited value talk and texting, specific plans for children and more.

With the broad selection of plans laid out for them, users also have the option of bringing T-Mobile network either on to their own handsets, or on a newly purchased cell phone from the carrier; and in case of the latter, T-Mobile further offers payment options, allowing you to either purchase an unsubsidized handset or opt for an instalment plan.

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