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Tablets can offer exquisite drawing experience by giving shapes to your imagination. The best tablet for drawing should have pressure sensitive stylus and large bright screen complemented with plenty of amazing drawing apps.

To add more precision and detailing to your piece of art, the tablets for drawing should have stylus with large tips to be detected by high resolution capacitive screens. To know how accurately the stylus interprets your strokes and provides better control in your drawing, look for the pressure sensitivity level of stylus. Whether it be shading with gentle strokes or finishing with dark marked outlines, it depends on this specification of stylus.

Some styli like Pogo Connect provides hundreds of levels of pressure while iPen 2 has 1,024 pressure sensitivity levels. For your iPad, it is good to have Adonit Jot Touch 4 which can recognize up to 2,000 levels of pressure for the most accurate and fine lines. If you prefer Android, Samsung tablets which come with S Pens having 1,024 pressure sensitivity levels would be the right choice.

Besides, the tablets for drawing should have apps to add more to your creativity. You can choose from the drawing apps available for different platforms. SketchBook Express (iOS and Android), Paper (iOS only), Procreate (iOS), Artrage (Windows and iOS), Infinite Design (Android) are currently topmost apps which offer you tons of drawing tools, brushes, pencils, undo and redo options in addition to auto saving of your finished work.

Drawing could be a lot more fun with the best tablet for drawing so be sure to check out our tablets listing in this category to grab the one for you.

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