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The idea of having an entire library wherever you go, brings lightweight tablets with high-resolution screen and large storage capacity into picture. The best tablets for ebooks are ideal for purchasing, storing and reading the material at your convenience.

According to the reading habits and choice of ebooks, some specific features in the tablets are to be emphasized upon before making a buying decision. If you love outdoor reading in direct sunlight, the tablets having bright glossy screen should be avoided while for indoor reading in dim light those are the best. Furthermore, bright screen is excellent for reading travel books and magazines with colored pictures, graphs and charts. Also, tablets with large screen and extended battery life are must for long hours of novel reading.

Besides, Google Play Books app is available on both Android and iOS tablets allowing you to download free ebooks or shop the best sellers from the largest collection.

We suggest here some topmost tablets for reading ebooks :

Apple Tablets:
Apple iPads having large screen up to 9.7 inch allow easy reading without straining your eyes. High-resolution screen provides brightness to the Apple tablets and what you get is rich color and clear text in ebooks.

Asus tablets:
Asus tablets have high-quality display for indoor reading but night reading mode is unavailable. If you are looking for a tablet with its own ereading app then Asus is the one. MyLibrary is its special app for reading ebooks with support for ePUB, PDF and TXT files.

Amazon tablets:
Best known for Amazon Appstore, the Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets let you purchase from a large number of ebooks. Amazon tablets have optional storage capacity of 16GB, 32GB or 64GB.

Barnes and Noble Nook tablets:
Nook tablets have millions of magazines, books for kids and ebooks to choose from, any new book would be notified to you as soon as it arrives. The format supported by the Nook tablets are ePUB, CBZ and PDF.

Acer tablets:
Acer manufactures Android tablets which is good for reading ebooks in PDF format. It has scrolling and zooming options which allow customization the way you want. The tablet is a good option as ereader because of its lightweight and pocket-fit size.

Based on the major reviewers' opinions, our product listing of the best tablets for ebooks will help you fulfill your quest for knowledge.

Apple iPad Air Wi-Fi 16GB - Space Gray


1. Apple iPad Air    $449 - $799

Apple iPad mini 2 With Retina Display 32 GB, Wi-Fi, Black Tablet


2. Apple iPad mini 2 (With Retina Display)    $399 - $499

Asus Google Nexus 7 FHD 16GB Tablet


3. Asus Google Nexus 7 (2013)    $239 - $269

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 inch 16GB Tablet


4. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9    $199 - $544

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 (Wi-Fi + 4G LTE) Tablet


5. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7    $199 - $354

Buying tips to find the Best Tablet For ebooks of 2015

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